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Escape To Your Own Private Island Oasis

Welcome to an unparalleled retreat at East Sister Rock Island, where exclusivity meets serenity. Nestled just off the vibrant Florida coast, our private island invites you to a world of luxury and tranquility. Experience the pinnacle of island living in our cozy residence, surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of the Atlantic. With personalized services, thrilling local activities, and breathtaking views, every moment here promises to be unforgettable. Discover your dream getaway, where each day brings a new adventure and each night, a peaceful haven under the stars.

Immerse Yourself In Island Comfort

Vast outdoor spaces, including a wrap-around porch, allow guests to embrace the island's natural beauty. Unique amenities such as a 100-foot private boat dock, helicopter launch pad, pool, billiards table, and access to a reef fishing paradise elevate the experience. With a breathtaking 360-degree ocean view, guests are treated to unparalleled vistas. Nearby attractions like the renowned Sombrero Reef, make this property an ideal retreat for adventure seekers in the Florida Keys.

Where Luxary Meets Natural Beauty

The island boasts a lavish standalone residence, offering three bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a separate 1/1 guest house for a comfortable and exclusive stay. Equipped with modern amenities and eco-friendly power systems, the property provides a seamless blend of luxury and sustainability.

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